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Autumn season in India - all information about Autumn season

Autumn season in India
Autumn season in India

In today's article, we have written all information about the Autumn season in India. I hope we have given complete information about the beautiful form and benefits of the autumn season. We describe Autumn season by:- 

  • Introduction of Autumn season
  • More about Autumn season
  • The beauty of Autumn season
  • conclusion

Introduction of Autumn season

Autumn is one of the 6 seasons in India in a year. It comes from Ashwin to Kartik. September and October and make the experience of summer go and winter come. It lasts only for two months and it comes after the rainy season and as soon as it is removed removes clouds from the sky and dries up the water of all places. In this season the leaves of many trees also get rooted, due to which it is also known as autumn.

Autumn is called the Autumn Season in the English language. It comes after the rainy season and before the winter season. Like every season, it too has its own characteristics. It falls between July and October. This month is very beautiful, in which most animals and insects and moths come out.

It can also be called as the beginning of winter. The days begin to be short and the nights long. It is also known as fruit collecting season.

More about Autumn season

The cool breeze of the Autumn season arouses attraction in everyone. Everyone seems happy and full of enthusiasm this season. Fruits are also collected in this season, hence it is also called fruit collecting season. In this season the nights are cold, the weather is very pleasant and there is a lot of fruits and vegetables. There are white and pink lotus blossoms in the ponds and frescoes buzzing on the flowers. 

The cold air of this season causes trees to fall. At this time the beauty of nature is at its peak and everyone gets mesmerized towards its beauty. Its beauty has also been described by poets.

This season is full of peace and people also get excited. At night, the light of the moon looks like blue glass. On every side of the road, there are many colorful addresses scattered and in this season there is neither too much cold nor too much heat. At this time there are many clouds in the sky, some of which are white and some are blue.

The beauty of Autumn season

Autumn season photo
Autumn season photo

Autumn struggles with rain, the clouds clear in the sky as autumn approaches. The sunny season wipes away the footprints of the autumn, rainy season. Mud-filled pathways dry up, and the marsh is not even visible.

The marshy land dries up and the water everywhere dries up, gutters dry up, there is no dirt left in the ponds and rivers. The mud in the water settles in the river bed, and the water looks clear and blue. It appears transparent.

Autumn is adorned with the beauty of nature, dry clouds float in the sky. Some of them appear mostly white and raised. They look like boats running in the sea. Sometimes there is drizzle from the clouds, sometimes they rain a few drops.

Flowers bloom in beautiful autumn. We find many types of lotus in the ponds. Which are white, blue, and red in color. They all live in the sunlight throughout the day, white and blue lily flowers bloom in the evening.

Some lily flowers are also red in color. They all stare at the moon all night together. The bright moonlight of the shining moon in the autumn appears like a beautiful blue glass in the sky. The autumn breeze passes through the green trees and causes a stir in the leaves. Also this month, leaves of many trees and plants also fall from the trees,  so this month is also called the month of autumn.

They create a new city of dreams in light and shadow. The touch of the cool breeze of autumn creates attraction in us and we feel an exciting experience on the whole body and gives a new vision to our mind. Our whole body swells with happiness, and many new thoughts arise in our minds.


Autumn is cool and beautiful. This season is highly praised by lovers of nature. Autumn has been praised by great poets of the past and present. Therefore, we welcome this season. This season is really good for people in India and all over the world Thanks

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